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Venoult Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Wallet Cases Coming Soon

by Ahmet Karkar 11 Dec 2023 0 Comments


Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra 2024 is expected to be introduced in January. As VENOULT, we have started our work for new Samsung cases. We will start selling our cases one week before Samsung introduces the Galaxy S24 Ultra. In this way, you can buy our high quality cases for your new S24 Ultra.

You will be introduced to the latest product of Venoult. You can create your perfect combination with our cases, where fashion and elegance come to the forefront in their design. Thanks to the TPU structure that provides high impact absorption, you will also have ultra protection for your new phone.


Galaxy S24 Ultra Leather Wallet Case

The stylish and useful design will reflect your style while adding a unique stance to your phone. Venoult's Detachable Wallet Cases have many functions. You can find the details of these functions in this article. These wallet cases, which are held together by magnets, will give you a unique experience by combining Wireless Charging, 4 Card Compartments, RFID Protection and KickStand features.

Many wallet cases on the market do not support Wireless Charging or cause problems when charging your phone. However, we divide our Venoult detachable clamshell cases into two different structures and produce them as both a thin inner case and an outer clamshell wallet. The thin inner case eliminates the thickness problem in wallet cases and provides wireless charging compatibility. In addition, thanks to the Magsafe magnets we place inside the inner case, it can hold Wireless Charging Stands. In this way, besides its perfect compatibility for Wireless Charging, you can easily charge your Galaxy S24 Ultra comfortably.

We have added RFID protection feature to our Venoult Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra wallet cases so that you can carry your card holders safely in your phone case. Developing technology sometimes brings some problems with it. RFID technology developed to better read your credit card information can be used by malicious people to steal credit card information. Considering how sensitive this situation is for you, we have added RFID blocking feature to our cases for 2 years. You can feel safe thanks to the RFID Blocking lining we use in the carcass area.

The new Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra phones are expected to come out with a 6.8" inch screen, the same size as the S23 Ultras. These 6.8" inch screens provide users with an excellent video viewing experience. Taking into account the demands of users in this direction, you will also find KickStand feature in the S24 ultra Wallet cases we produce. In this way, you will be able to watch your favorite Youtube videos, TV Series and Instagram Reels videos comfortably.

In this article, we would like to talk about the color options in our Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra wallet cases. Coming in 7 different colors, our wallet cases will come with options that will appeal to both those who love the pleasant color of real leather and those who want to follow fashion. These colors are Vintage Brown, Almond Brown, Chestnut Brown, which are especially for real leather lovers. We will also offer Admiral Blue, Sweet Pink, Chocolate Brown, Rustick Black, Mikado Yellow, Cranberry Red color options for those who want to complete their fashion and colorful combinations. Stay tuned for our detailed blog post about these color options.

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